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Aren't Dumpster Areas Supposed To Get Dirty?

Aren't Dumpster Areas Supposed To Get Dirty?

Garbage bins and dumpsters are dirty. The areas around them inevitably get dirty, too. That's normal, right? Well, yes and no. It's normal for them to get dirty - but they do not have to stay dirty. In fact, for business owners with dumpsters on their property, it's crucial to schedule regular dumpster pad cleaning services. Not only can dumpsters harbor harmful bacteria, but also they attract all sorts of insects and critters. Finally, areas on business property that are dirty and not well maintained, even the dumpster area, can turn off potential customers who want to do business in clean and safe commercial environments.

It's Not Just Dirt

The areas around garbage cans and dumpsters can get very dirty. Leaks, spills, wind, and critters can all create a mess on the concrete below. Beneath the unsightly stains and bits of garbage lies something even more sinister: bacteria. These dumpster pad areas are the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nasty, harmful bacteria. When power washing professionals clean dumpster areas, they also make sure to sanitize the entire zone in order to kill off bacteria that could make you and your employees sick.

An Open Invitation For Critters and Pests

There's a reason why raccoons are often referred to as "trash pandas." The furry creatures love digging through trash cans and dumpsters to find food, and a smelly dumpster area is like a brightly lit All You Can Eat Buffet sign to them. Raccoons can cause major messes when they dig through your dumpsters, as they love to carelessly toss garbage everywhere. Did you know that raccoons can also carry rabies? Keeping your dumpster pads sanitized, disinfected, and clean can help reduce the likelihood of attracting raccoons and other unwanted pests.

Show Your Customers You Care - Even About The Dumpster Area

Customers want to know that the businesses they deal with and visit are well maintained, clean, and safe. Hiring professional power washing experts to clean the building, windows, roof, and other areas is super important. So is making sure that you have them clean and sanitize the dumpster pad area. This will show them that you value your business and you invent in making sure your customers are happy and your property is clean.

Your Local Power Washing Professionals

Here at BSG Exterior Cleaning, LLC, we know the importance of dumpster pad cleaning. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and we get the job done right. If you're in the area, call us today at 908-300-7464 for more information or to schedule a dumpster pad cleaning appointment.

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