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Rust stain removal from chimney in Hampton

Rust stain removal from chimney in Hampton
Rust stain removal from chimney in Hampton

Our repeat customer in Hampton NJ had us do her annual gutter cleaning,house and roof wash. We surprised her with our rust stain removal service. The mesh wire that’s installed under the chimney stucco over time became exposed to the elements and began to rust. Causing the rust to run and stain the chimney.We offer a number of restoration services not just basic cleaning. We offer wood, gutter and oxidation restoration. A house Wash doesn’t take care of non organic stains for example. Rust, oxidation,glue, mud stains and etc.

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Client Review

We had a great experience with Jared and his crew. Worked very hard and very respectable of our requests of what we wanted done and cleaned. Made a big difference in appearance and everything was so cleaned. We lost part of a tree, so cut it up and cleaned the area around the tree. Then power washed the house, the gutters and gutters cleaned out, the patio blocks, the front and back entraces of the stone porches, treated the roof for moss and lechtin and the chimney needed a wash too. It was the best way to clean everything. It was well worth it.

- Diane Lane

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